Ria Fouché grew up in a Christian home, being called by the Lord to the ministry of counselling and deliverance focusing on the bloodlines. She has a heart for the children of God who do not reach the point of breakthrough in getting healing, deliverance and abundance promised to them by God. Ria has helped many people from all age groups through the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the five-fold ministry since 1996, bringing Jesus Christ of Nazareth back to His rightful place in the heart of the home, the marriage and the personal life of the counselee.

Ria is a family woman, believing that the Lord called the woman to protect the man and to be his helper. The Lord has placed the women as the corner stone of the household to keep the family together and the family members focused on God; on His guidance and promises. She is married to Morné, spiritual head of her home, and they have 3 beautiful children.

In obedience to the Lord Ria has completed a Bachelor of Ministry degree, a Masters’ degree in Sociology and two Doctorate Degrees (PhD) in Divinity and in Theology. 

She has been presenting classes in her field of expertise and speaking at cell groups, universities, churches and conferences on invitation, since 2006. She is an anointed teacher and inspirational speaker in the fields of worship, spiritual warfare, demonic warfare, counselling and deliverance.